Sacral architecture for balance and happiness

In the middle of last century, Natalie Droin – a French of Russian origin, former ballet dancer, and a unique women who had and raised 7 children, had 17 grandchildren and was a wife with a fulfilled and happy married life of almost 70 years, created the Sacral Body Architecture (SBA) system, which is a unique practice for healing a woman’s body and spirit.

The idea for Natalie’s system was the result of an in-depth search for the essence of movement and its link to creation, in which she was very much assisted by meeting French philosopher and theologian Annick De Souzenelle. Natalie read his works and listened to lectures of his, devoted to the topic of “Human body symbolism” and it was them that helped her move from symbolism to creating the internal shrine for God’s image according to the Christian tradition. Thus, SBA, in the spirit of the Orthodox tradition, views the body as the Shrine of the Soul.



According to the system, which conquered the minds and hearts and many European ladies, the woman is the epitome of beauty, living in the trinity: the harmonic body is the home of a beautiful soul, and both are balanced by a clear mind. The aim of SBA exercises is to revive natural joint flexibility and sensitivity all over the body, to make it realize and accept itself as a shrine for the spirit living within, to found God’s image in each one of us and together with it to grow and be elevated – visibly and visibly, absolutely for real. This concept of women’s divinity teaches us to respect ourselves and value our body as the home of the most valuable – the spirit.

Natalie Droin died in 2013, aged 89. She passed away healthy and in perfect shape, with a body many would envy. Her elegant delicacy and intellect continue to capture the minds of people seeking self-betterment. The unique practice that Droin left behind teaches us how to build our body – the shrine of our soul. How to grow through the flow of conscious breathing, to know and locate the tiniest bone or joint and discover new literacy with relation to ourselves.

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How will Sacral architecture help you and what will it teach you?

  • You will unite your breathing with the movement of your body’s sacral axes, thus preserving your woman’s energy and strength
  • You will unite your breathing with the movement of your body’s sacral axes, thus preserving your woman’s energy and strength
  • You will improve the work of your internal organs and systems through a set of exercises and accompanying explanations
  • You will lose weight and normalize your blood pressure
  • You will recover your joint elasticity and will correct skeletal and muscle issues
  • You will learn to observe yourself and focus on your body
  • You will learn to stand correctly on your feet, thus building a correct posture

Because… building ourselves along our vertical and horizontal axes is like building our new home! A body structured in the right way also determined the right way in life!

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