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You no longer need to travel to India to cleanse your spirit and body! Invited by one of the Ayurveda movement founders in Bulgaria and co-creator of the Rudraaksha Holistic Centre, Dimitar Popov, internationally renowned Ayurvedic doctor Maneesh arrived in Bulgaria together with his team. A Holistic cabinet has already been opened for him at the Rudraaksha Centre. Expect further information on the dates on which Dr. Maneesh will perform Ayurvedic consultation.

Do you want to learn how to live truly, fully, and with love?

How to eat right and store your energy?

How to be healthy, young, and beautiful?


According to Ayurveda, the world’s most ancient healing system, considered the first ancestor of medicine and part of India’s cultural and spiritual tradition, our natural condition is one of health, happiness and an internal feeling of well-being. We are healthy when our body is toxin-free, we feel calm and happy, our mind is clear, waste is discharged normally, and the organs function well.

Maneesh  gives us 3 reasons to start living according to the rules of Ayurveda now:

– Knowing oneself is the way to achieve enlightenment! By means of breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and mantras, Ayurveda will lighten the most hidden places of your body and soul. The better you know yourself, inside and out, the faster you will start living with full value!

– We are what we eat! Correct eating according to Ayurveda is prevention and an effective medicine for many ailments. According to Raj Matam, correct eating means not so much a list of healthy products, but their right quantity and time, as well as the peculiarities of the specific human organism.

– Sleep is health! Dr Maneesh advices us to pay attention to sleep. It makes us young and beautiful – makes our skin firm and youthful, and when combined with Ayurveda’s detox methods of herbal oil body massage, steam saunas with herb baths, we will store our energy and youth.

Initial Ayurveda check – 60 BGN
The check includes:

  • Ayurvedic consultation – pulse diagnostics, assessment of the overall personal health condition
  • Additional care for recovery from diseases or other health issues
  • Detox and improving overall well-being
  • Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle
  • Preparing a personal PANCHAKARMA package, if needed

Packages and prices:

Program PANCHAKARMA is basic – final prices and content of the program will be determined after personal consultation with Ayurvedic doctor.

Reservation policy for PANCHAKARMA PROGRAM

3 days after confirmation of the reservation for your chosen package and period of stay, a deposit is required within 25% of the price of the basic package. The remaining amount is paid to seven days before the start of the program Panchakarma. Payment is possible in BGN or Euro and by bank transfer.

When cancelling the reservation 15 days before the date set for the start of your program “Panchakarma”, you will get your deposit in full. If you cancel between 7 and 14 days before that date, the deposit of 25% is not refundable and if the requested refusal is in a period less than 7 days, you have to pay a penalty amount of 50% of the price of the selected package. If you departure before the end of the program, the penalty is equal to the sum of two days, and a delay in the arrival to any reason, is equal to the full value of the package.






More about Dimitar Popov:

Dimitar Popov is one of the Ayuverda movement founders in Bulgaria and co-creator of the Rudraaksha Holistic Centre. He is an instructor and a therapist practicing a wide range of holistic methods to heal the body and mind, such as: therapeutic Ayurveda massage, Ayurvedic yoga massage, Ku Nie Ki – Tibetan healing massage, Chi Nei Tsang massage, Chinese healing massage, Thai massage 4th level, volcanic stone massage, energy massage, usui reiki, omni reiki, karuna reiki, fasciotherapy, the Daoist method to transform stress into vitality. He went through a special training on Ayurveda-massage, eating, cooking and therapeutic practices at Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care (TM), India.

More about Rudraaksha

Rudraaksha’s specialists have extensive experience in Eastern massage techniques and treatments, in healing, cleansing and detox programmes, in the recovery and maintenance of good health condition.

Rudraaksha’s Panchakarma programmes rebalance, detox, and regenerate your body, mind, and soul. They deep-cleanse tissues from toxins, open fine channels, import vital energy. They enhance vitality, internal peace and well-being. They strengthen the immune system, reduce dependence on drugs and delay ageing. The programmes are accompanied by additional activities which will enrich you and allow you to rediscover your essence: Ayurveda lectures, and check by an Ayurvedic doctor, an Ayurvedic cooking course, yoga, yoga in pairs, Tibetan practices, Sakral architecture, meditation and breathing practices, elegance and style in 7 steps with Albena Alexandrova, etc.

For sign-up and more information:

+359 2 846 75 00, +359 878 631 225,




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