ADDITIONAL PROCEDURES offers you the chance to take advantage of additional procedures – of your choice or as prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor.Relax, relieve the stress, regain your organism’s balance and harmony and improve your health condition with preventive and healing procedures such as: Thai Yoga Massage, Yumeiho Therapy using the method of Saionji, Shiatsu, Ampuku, Chi Nei Tsang, Ku Nie Ki, Fasciatherapy or Cristallotherapy.


Panchakarma deep-cleanses the body’s tissue from toxins and fully cleans the gastrointestinal tract. It opens fine channels and imports vital energy that enhances the vitality, confidence, harmonizes internal peace and well-being. It restores the health status and results in Doshas balancing.Thanks to the Panchakarma procedures and programmes, you will enjoy individual cell rejuvenation care and will receive a complete recovery cycle. You will become part of a healing system that releases illnesses and disorders without side effects.


You have the exceptional chance to improve your health through therapeutic procedures, which are part of Ayurveda, and which we offer. Our specialists are very experienced in Eastern massage and treatment techniques, in healing, cleansing and detox programmes, in restoring and maintaining good health. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our entire team, guarantees the authenticity of the treatments offered. You can also receive an Ayurvedic consultation – diagnostics of the pulse, tongue, and eyes, and well as a physical status consultation, during which the Ayurvedic doctor will prescribe you an individually-tailored combination of procedures for specific health issues and Dosha status.


According to Ayurveda, our natural condition is health, happiness, and an internal feeling of well-being. We are healthy when our body is toxin-free, we feel relaxed and happy, our mind is clear, waste products are discharged in a normal way and all organs function well. As a result of daily stress, our physical and mental systems accumulate harmful substances. The body functions and systems weaken, and the door opens to chronic, degenerative and undiagnosed conditions. The final result of stress is permanent health damage.Panchakarma manages to remove the negative effects of daily life; by cleansing toxins, it improves bodily functions, balances systems and restores health status. It helps maintain this process through positive lifestyle changes.