Ayurveda Antistress and Balance is a special programme to trigger and accelerate the process of balancing Dosha status to the necessary level set by an Ayurveda doctor.

The programme includes:

  • An Ayurvedic consultation, including pulse diagnostics
  • Routine health checks and health condition assessment
  • Yoga/mountain walk – a session per day
  • Meditation – a session per day
  • Written diet advice based on the dominant Dosha and health condition
  • Lectures on Ayurveda and Panchakarma
  • 7-day accommodation at GreenLife Ski & Spa Resort, Bansko
  • Ayurvedic Sattvic food (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner)

The procedures are:

Packages and prices:

Program PANCHAKARMA is basic – final prices and content of the program will be determined after persomal consultation with Ayurvedic doctor.

PRICE 2 065,00 BGN

Price breakdown:

Antistress and Balance – 7 daysDiscountPrice for one person per roomPrice for two persons per room
Health checks, consultations, lectures, yoga and meditation572,00 BGN 572,00 BGN
Ayurvedic procedures814,00 BGN 814,00
Accommodation and food679,00 BGN595,00 BGN
Total price2 065,00 BGN1 981,00 BGN
Prices with discounts
Health checks, consultations, lectures, yoga and meditation10%514,80 BGN
Ayurvedic procedures10%732,60 BGN
Accommodation and food10%611,10 BGN535,50 BGN
Total price with discount1 858,50 BGN1 782,90 BGN



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